Contemporary Music Training for Vocalists, Songwriters and Keyboard Players

Passionate yet focused. Creative and flexible. Contemporary music training for children and Worship leaders.


Dana Marie

I took formal piano and voice lessons from a young age and went on to study at Hillsong International Leadership College in the  Worship & Creative Arts Leadership Program. I am passionate about instilling a love and curiosity for the art of music and creativity. We all learn and progress in our own unique way so every lesson I teach is catered to the needs and goals of each individual student. 

I believe that music is another language that we can express ourselves, but also learn about ourselves. Music can energize & calm at the same time! Music can help build confidence, creativity, social skills, memory, emotional & physical development, and language.  

I have released two full length independent albums as a Christian Pop Artist and have travelled across Canada performing and leading worship at many churches. Currently, I am involved at my home church, the Calvary Church in Cambridge and teach from my home studio in Kitchener, Ontario.

I love working with children and local worship leaders to help them discover their gifts and build confidence.