Compassion Canada

Dana Marie works as an Ambassador for

Compassion Canada

Working W/ Compassion Canada

One of Compassion Canada’s main programs is called the Child Sponsorship Program. This program works through the local Church in 26 developing countries around the world in order to break the chains of poverty – spiritual, emotional, and physical poverty.

Dana Marie travels with Compassion to sing and speak on behalf of these children that so desperately depend on others to make a choice to be the hands and feet of Jesus! Through the sponsorship program, you are able to not only feed/clothe and send a child to school, but you’re also able to build a relationship with them through letter writing and encourage them in their walk with Jesus! Children are given basic medical attention that they otherwise would not receive, and most importantly, they receive a message of hope and salvation in this broken world.

Dana Marie has had the opportunity to visit one of her sponsor children, Kiara, in the Dominican Republic on two different occasions! Watch the video below to see for yourself what only three years of sponsorship can do for child in need.



Get Involved

If you would like to get involved in the life of a child, please click the image below. If you would like to book Dana Marie to come to your Church or event to present the message of Compassion Canada, please contact her here.