compassion danamarie smIn the past few months I’ve gotten the honor and privilege of getting involved in an incredible organization called Compassion Canada.

The reason I love Compassion is because they are about two things…

  1. The Local Church
         a. Compassion works through the local church in the third world to bring about the message of Salvation
  2. Jesus
         a. Compassion does what they do in the name of Jesus. When you get involved and sponsor a child through Compassion, they make it their mission to be the hands and feet of Jesus Christ. They are not only meeting the child's physical needs, but their spiritual and emotional needs as well.

The Child Sponsorship program is just one of the programs that Compassion offers and this truly does make a massive difference in the lives of the children, their families, and the community.


In January I had the opportunity to travel to the Dominican Republic with Compassion to see the work that they do and meet my beautiful sponsor child, Kiara! She is gorgeous… she wants to be a doctor! Through Compassion, Kiara is able to get food, an education, have mentorship from Pastors and Compassion Staff, a relationship with ME through letters and cards, and to learn about Jesus Christ.


By clicking on the link below, you can get involved with Compassion on a personal level. You can sponsor a child and start to build a relationship unlike any relationship you’ve had. I’ve witnesses first hand how a few letters and pictures can change one child’s entire world… and your own.

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I promise you that your sponsor dollars will be well spent to meet the physical, emotional, cognitive, and spiritual needs of your child.

Thank you for considering being the hands and feet of Jesus Christ.

God Bless!



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